Homer Simpson Fixing Marge’s Camera

Apparently Homer Simpson is quite handy with tools and savvy with camera repairs. Here he demonstrates the proper technique for getting a broken camera to magically work again… or for installing a custom tripod thread to the top of a camera.

Brownie points to anyone who can identify the episode this appeared in.

(via Reddit)

  • Jason Van Damn

    Isn’t this the episode where Homer goes back in time and starts messing up everything? Then goes back again and again trying to fix everything only to make it worse. Good episode.

  • Jack Kennedy

    Do we know if it is based on a particular camera? [Although I’m assuming it isn’t, I would just like to know]

  • Jack Kennedy

    It is, because he starts fiddling with a toaster later on.

  • Erick

    the chapter is called “Lisa’s Rival” :)

  • Peter Crock

    “This is indeed a disturbing universe.”

  • Mgkarayan

    Good guesses, but this is when that girl Allison becomes Lisa’s rival because she’s better at everything Lisa is great at – it’s also when Ralph has that awesome line: “I bent my wookie”

    Can one buy an actual brownie with these said points?

  • Michael Zhang

    Ooo, brownie points for you! :-)

  • Michael Zhang

    We’ll keep our eyes (and ears?) peeled for places that’ll accept PetaPixel Brownie Points as currency

  • Arena Creative Stock Imagery

    Homer can fix anything… he’s powered by DUFF Beer!

  • ac

    geez,thats a big camera. I never knew Marge was into Hasselblad’s :O

  • Hassygirl

    “Lisa’s Rival” Season 6, Ep. 2 I love the Simpsons!!

  • Hassygirl

    pentax 6×6!!