Representative Portraits of the Sydney, Australia Population

Apparently, these are the representative faces of the Sydney, Australia population as a whole. The Face of Sydney project shot portraits of thousands of Sydney residents, and the “averaged” the resulting photographs to produce the compacted photos seen above. The oldest participant was 93, and the youngest was only two weeks old.

  • zn_evad

    Is it any surprise that they look like brother & sister?

  • Phil Ryan

    Love this, would love to do the same thing in London. Anyone know what techniques they used to combine the shots?

  • d7e7r7

    I would like to know what software they used too…

  • Photosophy

    This is one of the most amazing photographs I’ve seen.It has the impossible effect of making the figures seem in motion or transition when they’re completely static.I thought it was an animated GIF or flash, but it’s just a jpg.Artists throughout history have striven to create this effect in paintings.