The Commuter: A Short Film Created with the Nokia N8 Cellphone

Earlier this month we reported that there was a star-studded short film being shot entirely with the Nokia N8 phone. It was just released, and gives a pretty interesting look at what mobile phone cameras are capable of now.

The groundbreaking film, directed by the McHenry Brothers, was shot in just four days with the Nokia N8 using no back up cameras, with the streets of London and St Albans providing the backdrop to Nokia’s story about one commuter’s eventful journey to work.

Watch it in HD mode if your Internet connection can handle it.

(via Small Aperture)

  • Marjan

    Ridiculously fantastic. I must say I’m impressed, both with the film and the N8.

  • Article19

    yes, it’s amazing what you can do with a cell phone, a crew of 30 and the backing of a multi-billion dollar corporation. these guerrilla film makers, they’re all about the art huh?

  • TooCool4Film

    Not to mention Pamela Anderson don’t come cheap!

  • Penguinchris

    I happened across some sort of launch/promotion party for the N8 in a mall in downtown Bangkok. They were showing clips from a Thai short film shot on the N8, and some behind-the-scenes stuff. Seems as though they did this in many different countries.

    It really was just a group of regular filmmakers who substituted the N8 for a regular camera, with all the other equipment they’d normally use. Not a bad publicity stunt, even if we who know about cameras know this is no different from shooting a film on a P&S camera with HD video (one from a couple years ago anyway).