Time-Lapse Video Spanning 3 Years and 45,000 Photographs

You’ve probably seen time-lapse videos spanning hours, days, weeks, or months, but how about years? Ramon, a videographer based in Paris, spent three years shooting the same location in Paris, documenting the teardown of an old skyscraper and the construction of a new one. The photographs were shot between January 2007 and September 2010 using a Pentax K110D DSLR, and a whopping 45,000 photographs were captured.

At the end of the video, the 3 years are played back in only 20 seconds. Crazy.

Thanks for the tip, David!

  • Kyle Duren

    Wow thats awesome. Takes a bit of dedication and forethought.

  • Mike Wood Photo

    That is very cool. Very impressive work. And I guess shows that real estate is at a premium in Paris too

  • uncachable

    That looked amazing. Though the “annotations” got annoying.


    what building is?


    what building is?

  • Le Big Z

    he has accidentaly deleted the first version, you might want to update the link to:

  • Fabrice

    In fact it’s not really IN Paris, but Issy-les-Moulineaux (I’m french, I live here and I can see the top of this tower from my window).
    Here is a Google Maps link of the place :

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for letting us know :-)

  • Billybeek

    John Lennon did the same thing in the late 60’s it was called Erection & it was entered in the Canies film series

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