Children with Identical-Looking Dolls

Photographer Achim Lippoth of London-based creative agency edsonwilliams recently created this series of photographs for Kid’s Wear Magazine involving children with dolls that look just like them. Beautiful portraits with a hint of cute and a dash of creepy!

I wonder what a similar project with adults would be like…

Image credits: Photographs by Achim Lippoth of edsonwilliams

  • Ellis Rob

    This is super creepy.

  • Joakim Fjeldli


  • Veronica

    cute and creepy indeed

  • John Nixon

    Would you show adults with children dressed just like them, I wonder, or give the adults appropriately sized dolls. This pics ARE creepy. Fascinating too.

  • Majd AlShihabi

    No non-white dolls??

  • Paul Jubenvill

    I don’t think they’re creepy.

  • Paul Jubenvill

    I don’t think they’re creepy.

  • Venus Is Nt Doomd

    agreed. It’s an interesting project.

  • Santa Galimgereyeva

    agreed. It’s an interesting project! And exciting.

  • Jerrie

    Creeped me out

  • c0d3gr1

    Many years ago, my friends, in a car club I belonged to, bought me a doll; the doll was named “Webbie Debbie”. The doll had a laptop, long before that was the thing to have and, of course, worked on web pages (which I did at the time). As a joke, for one of our meetings, I dressed exactly like the doll (we did after all have similar crazy hair) and brought the doll to the meeting as well. I even had the same pillow she sat on and the blue nail polish too. My friends love it.

  • Cris
    It reminds me of this animated short film called “Alma”

  • Facebook User

    I achieved a similar effect by mimicking a 20 year old photo of myself and combining the two:

  • Nonracist

    oh fuck off