New TSA Poster Vilifies Pointing Canons at Airplanes

Photography rights advocate Carlos Miller came across the above poster recently put out by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Apparently the administration doesn’t know that there’s a huge number of non-terrorist photographers who enjoy doing something called aviation photography.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Mechamoalzir

    Bando de filho de rapariga. Fotografar é ARTE!

  • Khalid

    yes the planespotting Community is huge but I think that the local authority can differ photographers from terrorists

  • Tom Gaulton

    “I think that the local authority can differ photographers from terrorists”

    How exactly? Last time I checked terrorists weren’t carrying special terrorist ID.

  • Veronica

    this is ridiculous! hope it doesn’t become like the UK where there is constant abuse of the “terror laws” toward photographers

  • Craig Damlo

    I think I need to side with the TSA here, that guy isn’t even pointing the camera at the airplane. It is pretty clear from this photograph that he is taking pictures of each square inch of the fence, looking for a weak point to penetrate.

    Actually I wonder if they took this shot themselves or did they buy it from a stock agency?

  • tsy87

    so terrorists are now armed with macro lenses????? oh my!!!

  • Mikeprice4269

    Maybe they think that “Canon” doesn’t mean Camera instead means, Pirates?

  • Wrenag

    It’s sad what the world is coming to, it’s not just the right to take a photograph that we are slowly losing day by day.

  • Ranger9

    He’s wearing a hoodie, so he’s GOT to be a terrorist! The fact that he’s got a camera clearly is just an attempt to pass himself off as a harmless photographer…

  • Ranger9

    Trying (desperately) to look on the bright side, maybe the poster is meant to portray a TSA agent documenting potential terroristic activity…

  • Damien

    As someone who enjoys photography and recreational flying, my attitude when I see a photographer near the fence or apron is to give them a smile and a wave… aviation photographers often appreciate recognition coming from the cockpit. :)

  • D. H.

    The funny (well, tragic actually) thing is that the more cameras there are out there – DSLRs, point and shoots, cell phones, closed circuit TV, etc. – the more fuss there is about cameras.

    Two points:

    1. You’re probably “filmed” several times a day. Get used to it.

    2. Do they seriously think that trr’ists would use monster DSLRs with even more monstrous lenses? I mean, really.

  • Anonymous

    I would suggest that everyone who ever sees a photographer at all — even in the park doing wedding pics call the number and report it. Give them so many obvious non-terrorist uses of photography that they soon realize that photography is indeed a benign activity.

    Local authorities might actually become allies of the photography world.

  • Cornell

    Considering the number of incidents in which photograqphers with (D)SLRs have been hassled by police / security guards on the allegation that said photgraphers are up to no good, it is evident that too many police / security guards don’t know the difference.

    The USA is not near the level of the UK’s reputation and it should not reach that level.

  • Alexander Saleh

    Fence photographers: the most dangerous breed of all.

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  • Cornell

    Griping online will not, by itself, change anything. I called the TSA phone number shown in the poster and made a complaint. I would suggest a phone call by each person who has qualms about the message the poster gives about photographers.

  • Steve

    It’s easy, because they’ve already mastered how to differ between citizens and illegal immigrants!

  • Steve

    I’m going to call that number everytime I see someone use an iPhone. What? Terrorists can’t have iPhones??

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