Fun and Creative Stop-Motion Video for Summadayze 2011

The above is a promotional video for the Summadayze 2011 music festival done in stop-motion. It was created by Tom Blachford, a 22-year-old self-taught photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

15 hours of photography were required to shoot the 1,000 frames that went into the final video, and there were no special effects added in digitally. This means all the illustrations seen in the background were painstakingly drawn by hand as the photography was being done. Wow.

Update: Tom tells us that the stills were shot using a Nikon D300s and two 600 watt strobes.

  • seegullmedia

    I liked the concept, but I really didn't like the actress. She seemed very unemotional and I just didn't relate to her at all. This video would have been amazing with a more personable actress in it.

  • Tombojombo

    When times between 1 and 10 minutes are required between shots for painting and discussion it impossible for an actress to remember her exact position, let alone precise level of smile, or emotion.


    Really cool and fun with some brilliant moments. But we also agree with seegull, her performance could be a bit more captivating.

    We're currently compiling a playlist with the best stop motion music videos on youtube, it has some really inspiring “hidden gems”. Check it out: