70-Gigapixel Panorama of Budapest Takes Over as World’s Largest Photo

Just a couple months after we reported that a 45-gigapixel photo of Dubai had become the world’s largest, a new panorama has arrived to steal the crown. 70 Billion Pixels Budapest is a 70-gigapixel panorama of Budapest created using a setup of two 25-megapixel Sony A900 cameras fitted with 400mm Minolta lenses and 1.4X teleconverters. Four days of shooting resulted in 20,000 images, and an additional two days of post-processing produced a single 200 GB file. If printed, the size of the photo would be about two apartment blocks long and ten stories tall.

Here’s a photograph of the setup used:

You can head on over to their website to check out the photograph in a special viewer. You can zoom in to take a close look at the tiny little homes in the distance.

Any guesses as to how long it will be until the crown is passed on?

  • Douglas Riley

    funny isn't it…the worlds largest, and quite possibly most boring photo…

  • Short'

    A capital city could be boring? A world record could be boring? Ah, probably your photos are more entertaining.

  • Douglas Riley

    hehehehehe…nice try shorty…you've obviously never been to canberra… ;-)

  • Dorivalscardeal

    For tecnologic war, is greatty.

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  • bakancs

    great work.. Budapest is a nnice city, been there.. thanks

  • Rhkfilm

    The world’s largest photo is surely much larger than 70 gigapixels. I believe it is Google Earth and I don’t even want to attempt to guess its resolution.

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  • Kkanuck2005

    Have you ever been to Budapest Douggy? Probably not!

  • Suvra007

    wht about the selvia pic of 111 gigapixels

  • jgilles97

    It’s compiled images separate images taken at separate times… in a general area, and not the highest definition.