Easily Download Albums and Tagged Photos From Facebook Using Pick&Zip

Pick&Zip is a simple web application that lets you easily download Facebook photographs with a few clicks.

You can download photos tagged with your name, your own albums, photos tagged with friends’ names, or your friends’ albums. After selecting the photographs you’d like, you can download them as a ZIP or PDF file.

I just tried it out, and the service works pretty well, allowing you to pull photos at the highest resolution Facebook stores (720px) quickly to your computer without having to click and download individual photos.

Something that’s slightly annoying is that you can’t seem to download all possible photos with one click, but must “select all” on each individual page. The app is pretty useful, nonetheless.

  • Ryan Neufeld

    This only helps to highlight the terrible TOS that Facebook has you agree to.

    There is no copyright protection here, it's apps such as this, as useful and cool as they are that keep me from posting my pictures on there.

  • Luke Lucas

    agreed. facebook has done little to nothing for our business, but one is almost required to have a presence these days… just in case. when you're in the business of photographing people & weddings, there's no easier (or cheaper) way to advertise, but there is the obvious exceedingly dark side of “trusting” the system.

  • Susan

    Yeah, agree with the people above in being very uncomfortable about this. I think I may revert all my albums to friends-only status. Still no guarantee that one of those 100-odd people won't steal, but at least it lessens the chance of a larger number of people taking without permission.

  • A3u51i

    So, my photo album can be downloaded without my permission -_-

  • Anand Kumria

    Facebook stores the original photo, and a number of resolution variations for quick display. Unless 720px was the original resolution, you can get a better one.… – has the details (watch the video about half-way in)

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  • Liubo

    Checkout this no software installation is required

  • erduan

    very good