101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Crazy Minutes

Here’s an oldie but goodie that I’m guessing many of you haven’t seen before. It’s an episode from Deke McClelland’s video podcast dekepod in which McClelland shares 101 simple Photoshop tips at a blazing fast pace. What’s interesting is that it’s probably not as difficult to follow along as you might think, even though it averages to a tip every three seconds. This might be one of the closest things to learning like Neo does in the Matrix.

(via Photojojo)

  • bigwhitebear18

    So, he read a list of keyboard shortcuts off in 5 minutes. I can't remember anything he said so I'll stick with the print out.

  • Brandon

    Wow, that's annoying…

  • Paul Melo

    Why don't you give us at least one tip we don't know.

  • QuBe


    This chap is one of the most circuitous, verbose and pedantic teachers I've ever encountered. Watching his tutorials on would challenge the patience of Ghandi into fist fighting. He takes forever to just get to the point, and goes all the way back to beginning of time to give the backstory on every new point he makes. It is torture.

    As you can see in this video, he burns a whole 1:15 blathering on about junk…in a video of rapidfire Photoshop tips.

    Deke, you seem like a nice guy, but some verbal Imodium might be an idea.


  • Carlos


  • Veronica

    LOL at all the comments!!! hahahahahahaha