Funny Photoshop CS4 Crash Reports

Garrett Murray over at Maniacal Rage has a funny project called CS4 Crash Reports. He comes up with the strangest things to send to Adobe when his Photoshop CS4 crashes and asks him to describe the problem that occurred.

Here’s another gem:

I’ve never had a problem with CS4 crashing on me, but Firefox and Cyberduck do plenty of that.

CS4 Crash Reports (via Boing Boing)

  • QuBe

    CS4 was one of the few apps I've ever used that would simply “poof” into nothingness.
    No error dialog, no blue screen – absolutley nothing.
    The program just vanished without a trace…not even a lingering exe file in the Windows task manager.
    Caught me off guard a few times, taking a heavily edited photo with it into oblivion. X0

    I think it somehow didn't like my old PIV cpu or the NVidia video card in my old computer.

  • Veronica

    hilarious! this guy is just too much! haha :D

  • kevjohn

    hah! My CS4 crashed on me for the first time ever just yesterday. I'm pretty sure it was just some kind of memory error cause by one of the other 20 programs I had open at the time. I kiddingly told the model whose photo I was editing that I didn't know what was up with her face, but my Photoshop didn't like it.

  • MADinMelbourne

    Imagine receiving these complaints as complaints, like, seriously somebody complaining about a product – how funny… take some life to the bored meeting – this is what our product is doing to people!

  • Jared

    I've had quite a few CS4 issues. It came to the point that I'd hit Ctrl+S very often but still be fearful that it'd crash while writing the save—thankfully it never did. But for the most of it, I find it to be a happy little program.

  • seegullmedia

    This is hilarious! I could read these all days.

  • TerryR

    These are great! What a great way to vent. Hope the guys at Adobe are amused…