HDR Time-Lapse Video by Aaron Patterson

Constant Motion is a breathtaking time-lapse video by Redding, California-based freelance photographer Aaron Patterson that takes HDR to a whole new level. On his blog, Patterson writes,

This Video took roughly 600 hours of editing not to mention the countless hours of shooting. It is made of around 10k photos and took around 300 gigs of info. All of this was shot in 3.5 months which is about 6 hours of editing a day.

All that work definitely shows in the final product. Absolutely stunning.

  • GlynDewis

    Absolutely stunning work that has clearly taken a heck of alot of time, dedication and love to produce but so incredibly worth it.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Henry

    wow. simply amazing.

  • motionmind

    From a photographic standpoint it's amazing…as a video it really wasn't that interesting.

  • victorm

    Stunning, amazing, brilliant!!

  • marc

    Over the top HDR makes me cry.

  • pacman

    I really don't like it. I can't imagine how somebody could spend 600 hours on something that bad.

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  • tsafrirmelamed

    Crazy stuff!!! Amazing work! As a fellow photographer, I know how much work it takes! Great final result.

  • MiLapse


  • Bryansix

    Very Nice!

  • mattharrisuk

    I like what he's tryna do, but some of the HDR processing is just God awful.
    I was more enthralled by the music to be honest…

  • prwenduro

    Agreed. Too much time on his hands.

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