Surreal Knitting Photos by Daniela Edburg

Here’s a set of photographs by Daniela Edburg, who creates surreal scenes and landscapes around the theme of knitting.

She tells us,

I started knitting for a photograph where a girl is standing on a small knit garden, her own little safe spot in the midst of a desolate landscape, I was knitting for weeks, and the activity started taking on a strong significance. The work I am doing now has become all about knitting. Knitting as a compulsive action, as a form of occupational therapy and as a way of creating a safe place or a cushioned version of almost anything.

To see more of Daniela’s work, check out her website.

Image credits: Photographs by Daniela Edburg and used with permission.

  • CJG

    Miss Haversham! I love it.

  • knittingoutloud

    I love her stuff! Fantastic artwork!

  • Firelight3d

    As a former knitter myself, I just love these. I still do pick up the needles now and then.

  • Sophie Mcfadden

    These photos are very artistic and one of a kind! My favorite photo is the fifth one. It reminds me of my grandmother who does a lot of knitting ever since I was a baby. When I grow up, she taught me how to make one and that was so incredible! Never thought that knitting would be so fun! Now, I’m planning to buy a whole new set of knitting stuff for her like yarns, drop spindle, crochet hooks, etc.