Review: The Profoto A1 is a Simple and Naturally Beautiful Flash

We all know and love the legendary lighting manufacturer that is Profoto. For decades, they have produced and supported the most durable, powerful, and consistent lighting equipment for professional photographers around the world.

Photographing Luna and Neville: Two Cute Squirrels Doing Human Things

As a photographer, it can be hard to come up with inspiration. It’s so easy to go online and see fantastic photos of exotic places, get complacent with our own surroundings and think, “What’s the point of shooting in my yard or neighborhood when there is nothing interesting to see?”

Hands On with the Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art Lens: Super Fast and Ultra Wide

I have yet to be let down by Sigma's highly respected Art series of lenses. Sigma is now set to release the widest f/1.4 lens on the market, with the upcoming 20mm f1.4 DG HSM Art lens to be released in the latter part of the month.

Sigma is courting the wide-angle photographer in all of us with this new lens, and we were given a rare pre-production model to get a feel for what is now the fastest 20mm lens on the market.