These Photos Show How Easy it is to Create ‘Fake News’ with Photography

A Danish photo news agency recently tasked two of its photogs with creating a series that shows how easy it is to lie through photography. By shooting before and after photos of the same scene, they showed how angle and perspective can, consciously or not, manipulate viewers and lead to accusations of fake news.

Jack of All Trades: 5 Reasons Why You Should Own a 24-105mm Lens

Landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen swears by his 24-105mm f/4 lenses. While many landscape shooters prefer ultra-wide angle lenses in the 14-24mm range, or will opt for a 24-70mm mid-range zoom, Iversen believes a 24-105 is the better choice. In the video above, he explains why.

What Lens Should I Buy? This Video Breaks Down All Your Options

"What lens should I buy?" It's one of the most common gear questions that pops up in the PetaPixel inbox, and while there is no one-size-fits-all answer, photographer Peter McKinnon does a great job of explaining what's out there and what you need to know to decide on your next lens in this informative video.