What’s With All the Poor Negative Film Reviews?

I don't usually go the negative Nellie with anything photo related, sometimes it's best to keep your mouth firmly shut. But I'm not going to take it anymore, I'm as mad as hell, and I'm going to lean right out the window and shout it to the world, enough, I'm done with rubbish samples of film technology on the Web.

A Close Look at the Quality of iPhone 8 Plus RAW Photos

A few weeks back I ran some tests on the RAW files taken with the latest iPad Pro. Frankly, I was pretty impressed, the quality was indeed considerably better than what’s possible on my “soon to be replaced iPhone 6S Plus”. Those test results got me quite excited because I fully expected to find the DNGs produced by the new iPhone 8 Plus would be a small step further step up the quality ladder.

Field Curvature, A Tricky Problem in Photography

The above photo is taken at 28mm at f/11 on an ancient Minolta 28-85mm lens, the focus was set to about 2.5 meters and according to the depth of field scales everything should be in focus... but it isn’t.

Seeing in Circles: How to Compose a Circular Photograph

When was the last time you saw a round photo? It's probably been a while. The world is ruled by squares and rectangles. It's almost as if there's no place for circles, but I have come round to thinking that maybe those ancient mathematicians were onto something when they got all excited by circles, maybe you can have your pi and eat it too.