Super Bowl Images Get Amusing Art Comparisons

Art But Make it Sports Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift chugging a beer on the jumbotron at Super Bowl LVIII was paired with The Wine Glass by Johannes Vermeer.

The popular social media account Art But Make It Sports has posted a series of hilarious images pairing Super Bowl LVIII moments with classic art pieces.

LJ Rader is the man behind the account — he was interviewed by PetaPixel last year. But after the hullabaloo of the Super Bowl, Rader was left with plenty to pictures to work with for his unique concept.

Before the big game started, Rader announced that he was in Barcelona for the Chiefs versus the 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and that he was training himself to stay up to late to “bring you the content you deserve.” He posted the final images at 05:00 Catalan time.

It All Started as a Bit of Fun

In the PetaPixel interview last year, Rader explained that when he started Art But Make it Sports it was just a way to bring smiles to his friends and family but it has since grown into a very popular sports-based Twitter (now X) and Instagram account.

“I’m a long-time sports fan and I work in the industry, and I’ve viewed everything through a sports lens for as long as I remember,” Rader said.

“It started as a way to crack my friends and family up — I’d go to museums and post art with sports captions on my personal Instagram. Over time, my friends convinced me to turn it into its own account, and I eventually started to focus on the match-ups because it resonated with people. And now I guess it’s garnered a fairly large following, which is fun to see.”

Art But Make It Sports shares new clever compositions regularly on both Twitter and Instagram.