Prada and Magnum Open a Photography-Themed Pop-Up Store

Prada reporter
The pop-up Prada Reporter store in London.

Prada has joined forces with Magnum Photos to open a pop-up store that will feature 150 works by leading photographers as well as selling clothes inspired by photography.

The collaboration between the luxury fashion house and iconic photo agency is called Prada Reporter and it has resulted in an exhibition entitled Witness to Nature which is debuting at Selfridges Corner Shop in London until November 11. Afterward, it will travel to “key international cities.”

The exhibition will showcase eight photographers who have put together more than 150 images that reflect on “the complex and constantly evolving relationship between man and nature.”

Which Photographers Are Being Exhibited?

Witness to Nature is looking at nature and humankind via four themes. Paolo Pellegrin and Trent Parke’s photographs explore Nature and Metropolis that look at how the natural environment is transformed.

Prada reporter store
The front of the store located just off Oxford Street in London.

The lens work of Cristina García Rodero and Cristina de Middel examines Costumes and Cultures with Rodero’s images of popular festivities and rituals conversing with de Middel’s blend of documentary and conceptual photography.

The third theme, Community and Seclusion, is explored through Nanna Heitmann’s photographs, taken from the secluded banks of the Yenisey River in Siberia. Meanwhile, Alec Soth records the mythologies and oddities that proliferate in disconnected communities in the United States.

Finally, the relationship forged between Japanese photographer Hiroji Kubota’s depictions of mystical Chinese mountain landscapes and Iranian artist Newsha Tavakolian’s work on Iran and the effects of global warming offers a fresh perspective on the fourth theme, Eternal and Ephemeral.

Prada reporter store

The pop-up store opened yesterday (October 2) and is located on the corner of Oxford Street and Duke Street in the heart of the U.K. capital.

“The furnishings relate explicitly to the theme of the reportage, featuring floor-to-ceiling panels enriched by backlit photo frames and – to add a touch of pop – mannequins depicted in the process of taking pictures as well as furniture in the shape of oversized camera components,” says Prada’s press release.

“The exclusive selection of garments and accessories that accompanies the project, also inspired by the exhibition’s aesthetics, offers a contemporary take on the iconic roaming photographer’s outfit, playing with layering and camouflage and featuring copious pockets.”