Wildlife Photographer Published by Nat Geo Killed in Ukraine

Denis Krivoy
Denis Krivoy, right, and his nature photography, left.

Denis Krivoy was a nature photographer from Ukraine who died in Bakhmut while bravely attempting to rescue his wounded comrades.

Krivoy was an accomplished wildlife photographer who had been published in National Geographic and after Russia invaded Ukraine in the spring of 2022 he expressed a desire to serve his country.

His wife Halyna Volhina reported Kryov’s death on Instagram in a heartbreaking post.

“I learned that I have lost the best and most important person for me. My husband. My friend. My sunshine. The best father of two little girls,” she writes.

“Denny is gone. He died in Bakhmut. Trying to save his wounded comrades. Hero and protector. He always did everything and more and still thought it was not enough. He chose his path voluntarily and walked it with honor. Let us remember him!”

A GardCity journalist tells IMI that Kirvoy served in the Special Operations Forces.

“He won the international award FIAP — the most prestigious European competition for photo artists. He and I went to university together since the freshman year, I literally watched him grow to be a photographer and a landscapist,” says Volodymyr Haluzinskyi.

“His photos have been published by National Geographic. Many of his works have been published here, in the Ukrainian media: in guidebooks, tourist guides for nature parks. He worked closely with the National Park ‘Buzy Gard’, this is a separate stage of his life.”

According to IMI, Denys Kryvyi is the 58th media worker to die as a result of Russia’s aggression.

Earlier this month, a video journalist for the AFP news agency also died in Bakhmut after coming under rocket fire.

Arman Soldin was with four other colleagues when they came under attack, the 32-year-old dying instantly.

The Eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut has been besieged for months with before and after satellite images showing the devastation of the area.

Image credits:Denis Krivoy.