Pigeon Hilariously Photobombs Live Camera During Weather Report

In a funny on-air moment, a meteorologist got a huge fright after a pigeon flew directly at a live outdoor weather camera.

Chelsea Ambriz from NBC6, South Florida was standing in front of a live shot of Hollywood Beach and about to give viewers the weather forecast when the pigeon swooped in and appeared as a giant causing Ambriz to shriek.

“Whoa!” She exclaims. “Oh my gosh, the bird startled me.” Ambriz quickly readjusted and went back into giving the sunny Florida weather report.

She later took to Twitter to write: “Brain: bird is going to land on you! Reality: I’m in the studio and this is a live camera.”

As the video went viral, she had a chat with her own news crew about the incident which will undoubtedly end up on a news blooper YouTube video.

“I wasn’t expecting the bird to come, and from my vantage point, I thought it was going to land on my head,” she tells NBC6.

“My natural reaction was to duck. Then, in a nanosecond, you start thinking: ‘You’re on TV, you’re at work, keep going, keep going’.”

A pigeon photobombs a meteorologist's weather report

The meteorolgoist jumps in fright as the pigeon appears giant on the live camera.

“I definitely did not think it was going to explode like it has. The retweets and the interactions on Twitter have been fun to see, but yeah, it was just a blooper,” she adds.

Ambriz adds she was once chased by pigeons on a beach and may now have a fear of them.

Objects in the Camera May Appear Closer Than They Are

Meteorologists typically open their segments by standing in front of a shot of their local area. While they’re not always live, this one was and anything can happen.

Of course, what Amriz is actually standing in front of is a green screen and she can see how the shot looks on a television screen in front of her.

“I think everyone can relate to that, when you see something flying across your peripheral you kind of duck or jump a little,” Ambriz adds.