Basketball Player Fined $35K for Shoving and Injuring Camera Operator

The NBA has fined Memphis Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks $35,000 after he shoved a camera operator who was hurt in the incident.

The cameraman is said to be “injured and remains under evaluation” according to his colleague, play-by-play commentator Jason Jackson.

“Memphis Grizzlies guard-forward Brooks has been fined $35,000 for the unsportsmanlike act of shoving a camera person on the sideline after pursuing a loose ball,” says Joe Dumars, the Executive Vice President and Head of Basketball Operations for the NBA, in a statement.

The incident occurred with 2:40 remaining in the second quarter of the Grizzlies’ 138-199 loss to the Miami Heat on March 15 at the Miami-Dade Arena.

In the footage, Brooks is chasing a loose ball that he doesn’t get to and as he braces his outstretched arms collide with the camera operator.

After a brief glance over his shoulder at the stricken cameraman, he walks off without checking to see if he’s OK which is probably where the “unsportsmanlike” part of his fine comes from.

However, when seen from another angle and in slow motion, the incident looks far worse because Brooks appears to shove the cameraman unnecessarily after he had already halted his momentum.

“I rarely comment on these things, but this one is personal,” writes commentator Jackson. “Our veteran
Miami Heat camera operator was injured and remains under evaluation.”

“The fine was on point, but the max would have felt like a sliver of justice after disregard for another human — an incredible one at that.”

Brooks for his part has since apologized saying: “It was unintentional. I was running at full speed. I didn’t mean to hurt him in any way possible.

“I’m not that type of person. I’m going to give him a call tomorrow to check on him and see how he is. But, you know, it’s a bad situation. NBA did what they did, but you know, I’m not that type of person, I play the game hard.”

Brooks is no stranger to controversy even picking up the nickname “Villain Brooks” thanks to his confrontational style and attitude. His penalty for shoving the cameraman means he has lost $200,000 in fines and suspension this season.