Prequel Artique is a New AI-Powered Photo Editing App for Businesses

Prequel Artique

Prequel, an artificial intelligence-powered image editing app for iOS and Android, has launched a new app called Artique that it says is an “all-in-one advertising and marketing graphics platform” for businesses and creators using mobile devices.

Timur Khabirov, Prequel’s co-founder and CEO, cited social media as one of the most important ways to grow a business and believes Artique can bootstrap graphic design with photos when resources are lacking. The iOS and Android app doesn’t require users have any experience with desktop design software, or even to have used Prequel before.

The company did confirm with PetaPixel that it is not generating photos from scratch the way other artificial intelligence (AI) platforms do. Users must supply the photos (which doesn’t stop them from using AI-generated photography) and then use ready-made templates they can customize with control over fonts, layout, colors, supporting images and other details. The drag-and-drop interface is largely manual, but also has an AI element that gets involved by throwing in visual cues and suggestions.

Prequel Artique

Artique will soon get more advanced AI-generated features via an effect relying on the same Stable Diffusion that helps create AI avatar effects in Prequel. The main difference is Artique will use those tools to generate business graphics rather than avatars. The idea is help create events, promotions, menus, posters, brochures, and catalogs via templates that aren’t limited just to social media mobile device dimensions.

Prequel Artique

Images created in Artique aren’t stuck in the app or limited to any specific integration, Prequel also confirmed users can do whatever they like with their images, and are free to transfer them to a desktop computer or print them out.

Prequel Artique

That could be good news for businesses that want to advertise in both digital and physical mediums. Prequel is also looking at small businesses and sole proprietors who have little to no marketing budget and want to try their hand and putting together images and graphics to promote their goods or services.

Artique is free to download, but the Pro tier incurs a cost after the initial 7-day free trial. It is either $11.99 per month or $99.99 for the year. Having an existing Prequel account doesn’t automatically qualify for Artique Pro, as both will be treated separately.

Image credits: Prequel