Photographer Charged by Buffalo After Getting Too Close

A photographer in South Dakota had a close call with a large bison when it charged at him as the man was attempting to take photos.

The scary incident took place in Custer State Park on September 9 and the video begins with the photographer, carrying his DSLR, casually walking down the road close to the bison.

As beast and man lock eyes, the buffalo charges toward the photographer who scurries away. Just as the bison draws near the camera cuts away.

The camera person, who is filming from the car, then turns the lens back on the scene to find the buffalo walking back to its young.

The unfazed photographer simply walks back to a vantage spot, holds his camera up to his eye, and starts taking photos of the majestic buffalo.

Throughout the 30-second clip, a voiceover is heard urging tourists and photographers to steer well clear of the bison.

“Ok guys, I can’t point this out enough. Please do not go outside to the buffalos. Stay in your car, a buffalo is a dangerous animal They will attack you if you go near the bison or the buffalos,” the voiceover says.

“Please do not try to get near those animals, let them have their peace.”

Respect the Animals

The clip, which was shared by viral video agency Newsflare and USA Today, is just the latest in a string of incidents where photographers get too close to wild animals.

Last week, PetaPixel reported on an eager cameraman getting too close to a bull elk who charged at him in a clear message that the antler-wearing beast did not want him so close.

The animals in these videos are not attacking humans per se, more expressing their unhappiness that their space is being encroached upon.

It goes without saying that it is important to respect animals. A couple of cases this summer highlighted the horrible consequences when humans do not honor the rights of animals.

Freya the walrus, a well-known and much-loved animal, was euthanized by Norwegian authorities after the friendly walrus had been deemed a threat to humans. The Norwegians blamed the public who ignored warnings not to get too close to her, often with small children, to pose for photographs.

Other reports showed people swimming with the walrus, throwing things at her, and surrounding her in large numbers.

Another sad case came in Ireland,when two tourists accidentally killed a seal pup when they tried to take a selfie with it.

People that pick up seal pups for selfies risk them being rejected by their mothers or placing them in a situation they’re unable to get out of.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.