Couple Swept Into the Ocean During Wedding Shoot in Laguna Beach

A couple in Laguna Beach, CA got more than they bargained for during what should have been a beautiful wedding shoot on the coast. During the shoot, a rogue literally swept the couple off their feet and into the ocean, where lifeguards had to come to their rescue.

You can see the full incident in the video below, captured by a bystander and obtained by the local ABC station. As you can see, the couple were taken unawares by the wave, and then had trouble staying afloat in their waterlogged clothing. Lifeguards sprinted into the water and eventually hauled the bride to shore:

The couple and photographer have not been identified, but we’re sure this will remain a particularly “memorable” photo shoot for all three. For the rest of us, the scary experience serves as a warning: there are plenty of “epic” wedding photo ideas on Instagram that can be incredibly unsafe if you’re not careful or don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Fortunately, lifeguards were on hand to rescue the couple as this wasn’t some remote beach. Under different circumstances, things could have ended much more tragically.

(via Yahoo!)