Photography Life Just Released All of Their Paid Photography Courses for Free

If you’re running low on free educational content and you’re eager to use this time to improve your craft, we have some good news. The website Photography Life hast just released all of their premium photography courses, usually $150 apiece, for free on YouTube.

The announcement was made earlier today by Photography Life founder Nasim Mansurov, who explained that he and his staff felt compelled to help out the community during these difficult times.

“With the world dealing with possibly one of the worst health and economic crises the world has ever seen, we thought it would be a good idea to give away everything we got to our community,” writes Mansurov. “We hope that these courses will help our readers in getting solid photography content to learn from, for many years to come.”

Mansurov, along with Spencer Cox and John Bosley, have created three courses in all, each filmed over many months both in the studio and on-location around the world. Now all three, starting with Level 1: Photography Basics, will be uploaded to the Photography Life YouTube Channel.

All of Photography Basics is already live, and Masurov promises to upload the other two “in the next two weeks.”

To get a sense of what these courses contain, check out the course introduction videos above. And if you want to work your way through all three courses as they’re uploaded, definitely subscribe to the Photography Life YouTube channel.