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Behind the Scenes: Shooting a Bugatti Chiron Going from 0 to 250mph


Back in 2017, automotive filmmaker Al Clark and his team at OUTRUN filmed an impressive “0-400-0 km/h” commercial for Bugatti’s latest and greatest supercar: the 1500bhp Bugatti Chiron. Now, after years of online speculation, Clark is finally revealing how exactly they did it.

Before you say that it’s all camera trickery or aerial video, know this: it’s not. Though the commercial splices road footage with aerial shots and B-roll, they did actually film one continuous shot of the Bugatti accelerating from zero all the way up to 250mph (400kph), flat out.

You can watch the original commercial below:

So how on Earth did they do it? Well, as Clark explains (and shows) in the video, the only way to shoot a Bugatti Chiron going 250mph is with… another Bugatti Chiron. Yes, that’s the big reveal, which happens at the 7:11 mark in the video up top. You also get to see the one, single-take shot as well.

This answer should be obvious, but Clark says that all sorts of wild theories have been thrown around since the commercial initially aired.

People have been speculating that it was done with a Nissan GTR, or a 1000bhp Toyota Supra, or a “jet-powered” car, or a low-flying helicopter, or a cable camera. Nope. They simply attached a DJI X5 to the back of a second Bugatti Chiron, and let ‘er rip.

The main challenge, says Clark, was getting both cars to launch at exactly the same time. After that it was just a matter of going flat out.

Definitely check out the BTS video up top to hear the full story behind this impressive shoot. Clark includes all sorts of really cool tidbits that go way beyond this one shot, giving every car lover heart palpitations and every automotive photographer/filmmaker something to aspire to.

And if you liked this video, subscribe to OUTRUN’s new YouTube channel, where Clark promises to publish more behind-the-scenes peeks like it in the near future.

(via DPReview)