20 Photos of My Hometown of Amsterdam During Different Seasons

As a landscape photographer, I always travel a lot, especially this year. But I’m always happy to be back home in Amsterdam! I can never get enough of photographing the beauty of this city. The canals and buildings are just so photogenic. I just love to walk through the city in the evening especially. When the lights turn on, everything just looks magical!

The typical Amsterdam canal houses reflecting in the canal in the evening.

A winter sunset over the skyline of Amsterdam with the st. Nicholas church on the right.
The sun always sets into different canals. Its always a beautiful sight to see it set right in the middle on this particular location on the Leidse Gracht.
A long exposure shows light streaks from a tourist boat in the canals on a spring evening.
Late January 2017 was the last time we had heavy snowfall in the city.
The setting moon reflecting in the water during a beautiful calm morning in the city center.
An extremely foggy during winter in one of the beautiful streets on the outer parts of the city.
I love the city during winter. This was shot in January this year when we had some moderate snowfall (not as heavy as in 2017). The snow with the lights on the trees makes for a magical atmosphere.
Autumn 2018. The trees turn yellow while the flowers are still there. There are often beautiful flowers around the city that are taken care of through the year, except for winter.
The setting sun right in between a street, reflecting on the pavement.
A setting moon between the 2 towers of the St. Nicholas Church. Planned & shot during the supermoon in February 2019.
Another photo of the snowfall earlier this year. We had only 1 day of proper snow in the city but it was enough to get some winter spots.
A spectacular sunset over the canals.
You’ll see bikes in our city everywhere. I liked this playful composition of 2 bike wheels with the westerkerk in the middle.
Another photo of the Westerkerk taken with an extreme wide angle lens. By playing with the lines on the roads and pavement, I created this interesting composition.
A close up shot of the houses and a boat where people live on in the foreground. This was shot during autumn.
The last remains of a burning sunset. The wind calms down and the street lights turn on. Some corners of the city look magical.
The shipping museum during a spectacular sunrise.
Just another canal in the city.
A corner in the red light district reflecting in the water. You see the windows on the left.

About the author: Albert Dros is an award-winning Dutch photographer who guides a number of photo tours in the north every year. His work has been published by some of the world’s largest media channels, including TIME, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and National Geographic. You can find more of his work on his website, or by following him on Facebook and Instagram. This article was also published here.