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How One Man Photographed His Own Transplant Team 17 Years Before They Saved His Life


When Australian documentary photographer Andrew Chapman was invited to Austin Hospital in Melbourne to photograph open heart surgery for TIME magazine, the transplant team in the operating theatre next door invited him to come photograph them as well. Little did he know, this same surgical team would be saving his life 17 years later.

Chapman’s incredible story is the subject of the poignant short doc above by filmmaker Chris Franklin. The 14-minute documentary covers Chapman’s entire journey—from photographing a liver transplant team 17 years before they would be performing a transplant on him; to his own successful transplant; to his photo exhibition “Giving Life,” which follows the same surgical team as they saved two more lives.

The story is truly stranger than fiction, and it’s beautifully told through Franklin’s lens. If you have a moment to marvel at the power of photography today, watch the full short documentary above.