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Model Horror Stories: The 10 Worst ‘Types’ of Models to Work With


Photographer Jordan Matter of Dancers Among Us fame has worked with hundreds of models over the course of his career. Recently, he teamed up with fashion model Natalia Taylor to “spill the tea on some of the craziest fashion models I’ve photographed” in a fun, tongue-in-cheek video.

Over the course of the video, Matter and Taylor reenact his experiences with the ten “types” of nightmare models Matter has had to work with: the control freak, the hungover model, the germaphobe, the too-flirty model, the jealous model, the model that’s running late, the penny-pincher, the over-emotional model, the model who won’t leave, and the over-caffeinated model.

If you’ve spent any time working in the industry, you’ll recognize at least one of these experiences.

Of course, the whole video is done in good fun and not meant to call anyone out in particular. Just a fun way to share (and laugh about) some of his more frustrating experiences. Check out the full video above, and stick around to the end to see all of the outtakes from their reenactments.