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The 4 Worst Types of Photographers You Know


If you’re looking for a quick laugh, Marc Newton over at The School of Photography put together a short video describing “the 4 worst types of photographers that you probably know or will definitely meet at some point.”

If you’ve spent any amount of time out in the wild taking pictures, you’ll definitely recognize at least one of these four types:

  1. The Purist – If Henri Cartier-Bresson didn’t use it, neither do they.
  2. All the Gear, No Idea – Deep pockets, but not a cent spent on a basic tutorial, book, or workshop.
  3. The Know-it-All – Sentences typically start with “Trust me…” or “Actually…”
  4. The Technical Geek – Definitely spends more time lecturing people in the forums than actually taking pictures.

Watch the video up top and let us know if you recognized (or maybe are…) any of these types, or if you think they missed any. And if you enjoy this, check out The School of Photography’s YouTube channel where they’re usually sharing more serious stuff like gear reviews, comparisons and photography tips.