The Winning Photos of Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017

The international Underwater Photographer of the Year photo contest has announced its winners for the 2017 edition. The winning photo (shown above) was by French photographer Gabriel Barathieu, who captured a “Dancing Octopus” in a lagoon on the island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean.

Barathieu’s photo was selected from over 4,500 underwater photos entered by photographers based in 67 different countries around the world.

“I had to wait for a low spring tide when the water was just 30cm deep (1 foot) so that the octopus would fill the water column,” Barathieu says. “I got as close as possible with a wide angle lens to create this image, which makes the octopus look huge.”

Here are some of the other winning photos selected this year:

British Underwater Photographer of the Year

‘Out of the Blue’ by Nick Blake (UK)/UPY 2017

Up and coming Underwater Photographer of the Year

‘Oceanic in the Sky’ by Horacio Martinez (Argentina)/UPY 2017.

Most Promising British Underwater Photographer of the Year

‘Orca Pod’ by Nicholai Georgiou (UK)/UPY 2017

Wide Angle

‘One in a Million’ by Ron Watkins (USA)/UPY 2017


‘Prey?’ by So Yat Wai (Hong Kong)/UPY 2017


‘The wreck of the Louilla at sunset’ by Csaba Tökölyi (Hungary)/UPY 2017


‘Your home and my home’ by Qing Lin (Canada)/UPY 2017


‘Face to face’ by ifj. Lorincz Ferenc (Hungary)/UPY 2017


‘I’ve got my eye on you!’ by Jenny Stromvoll (Mozambique)/UPY 2017

British Waters Wide Angle

‘Eye to eye’ by Melvin Redeker (The Netherlands)/UPY 2017

British Waters Macro

‘Dragon display’ by Kirsty Andrews (UK)/UPY 2017

British Waters Compact

‘Scottish Fireworks Anemone’ by Simon Yates (UK)/UPY 2017

You can see a larger gallery of finalist photos and read about the images in this gallery on the contest’s website. You can also view last year’s winning photos here.

Image credits: Header photograph by Gabriel Barathieu/UPY 2017