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Watch How Amazon Delivered a $500 Camera Lens


A home security camera has captured the cringe-inducing way a $500 camera lens was delivered to an Amazon customer in Indiana. As you can see in the 30-second video above, the delivery man couldn’t be bothered to take a few extra steps and bend over.

So, he decided to treat the precious package like a rolled up newspaper and toss it to the front door like a paperboy.

The Amazon customer, Redditor mlapaglia tells PetaPixel that what was inside the box was a Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 prime lens that he paid around $500 for and had shipped with Same-Day Delivery with an Amazon Prime membership.

The delivery man works for a company called LaserShip, which Amazon contracts for the “last mile” delivery in Indiana for same-day shipments. Luckily for mlapaglia, Amazon’s secure packaging of the lens may have saved it from harm.

“As far as I can tell the lens is working correctly,” mlapaglia says. “Amazon used the ‘saran wrap’ packaging where the item is suspended in the box by two flaps that fold over and pull the lens tight, and the lens itself was inside of some bubble wrap.”

If you’d like to reduce the chances of this kind of camera gear delivery happening to you, one tip is avoiding same-day delivery, which may be contracted out to smaller delivery companies. mlapaglia says that with two-day delivery, the UPS delivery person sprints from the truck and sets the packages down gently.