How to ‘Make It’ as a Photographer

It’s probably the most asked question that anybody with a modicum of photographic success gets asked: “How do I make it as a photographer?” In many ways an impossible question, photographer and educator Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography tackles it beautifully in this inspirational and educational video.

The problem with the question is that it may very well be the wrong question: there is, of course, no one way to become a successful photographer. To make matters worse, most people asking the question are hoping for a “magic” tip or trick or technique that will guarantee success, and will simply glaze over 2 minutes into this video.

That being said, try not to glaze over, because Forbes offers a plethora of wonderful advice—ranging from the motivational to the practical—in the video above. And while none of what he says is a “magic” tip or trick or technique, all of it will help point you and prod you in the right direction.