Gear Mat is a Leather Pad That Keeps Your Bare Camera Safe(r)


Gear Mat is a new product that’s designed for photographers who don’t want to use a camera case for their compact camera, yet would like more protection than none. It’s an elegant leather pad that provides “protection you need with the look you want.”

The product is designed for smaller cameras that are often carried around in a pocket, and is itself compact enough to be carried alongside. If you need to put your camera down for a moment, you can place it on top of the Gear Mat to protect your gear from bumps and scrapes.




Founder and photographer Jordan Lockhart says the product was created almost by accident when he started carrying around a dollar-sized piece of scrap leather to set his camera on.


“I soon realized the value of that piece of leather had on my life as a photographer,” he tells PetaPixel. “Putting my camera on it kept it safe in everyday situations and got rid of the need for bags and cases.”

“A lot of people are happy putting their camera in a case or half case and there are some beautiful ones out there,” Lockhart says. “But traditionally there has been no real option for those of us who wanted to keep their camera bare and keep it safe, so that what I created.”



The raw suede underside of each mat can be used as a screen cleaner (after you make sure it’s completely free of debris).


You can buy a Gear Mat in different colors and stitches (and with optional monogrammed initials). They cost between $16 and $25 in the Gear Mat online shop.