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Hotel Asks to Be Left Out of Photos of Church Where Shooting Took Place



The manager of the Marriott Courtyard hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, is apologizing today for a request that the hotel not be included in photos of Emanuel AME Church, the site of a mass shooting that killed 9 back on June 17th, 2015.

It all started this past Sunday when a man named Quintin Washington posted a photo of the church on Twitter. He included the caption “The Mother Emanuel Way Memorial District on a warm, Sunday afternoon in December,” and the Courtyard sign can be seen in the foreground:

After seeing his photo, the hotel’s official Twitter account publicly Tweeted at Washington, saying: “We respectfully ask you not to include the hotel in mother AME photos. TY.”


Washington then Tweeted a screenshot of the request, sparking a huge outcry against the hotel and becoming a textbook example of the Streisand effect.

After the story was quickly picked up by a number of media outlets, the hotel deleted the Tweet and started apologizing profusely to Washington:

The Post and Courier reports that the hotel company says the staff at the Courtyard “mishandled the situation,” and that they’re taking steps to “prevent this mistake from happening in the future.”