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Sold Out: Alec Soth Snapchat Photos That Disappear After 10 Seconds



Renowned Magnum photographer Alec Soth is experimenting with a new way of delivering photos to art buyers and a new way for art buyers to experience photos. One of his latest projects takes a page from Snapchat’s book, using the social photo sharing service to sell photos that disappear after just 10 seconds of viewing.

TIME reports that the artist has partnered up with the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a pop-up shop this week called Intangibles. One of the items in the shop, which is filled with “an online collection of art objects that have no physical form,” is a piece titled “Disappear With Me,” by Soth.


Limited to 3 editions, the piece costs $100 and gives the buyer an opportunity to spend a few days conversing with Soth through Snapchat photo sharing. Over the course of the conversation, Soth promises to send the buyer 25 original photographs.

The images “may vary from beautifully composed landscapes to simple shower selfies depending on how the conversation develops and the nature of the narrative that emerges,” the description reads.

Each photo is only seen by Soth and the buyer of the art — unless they take a screenshot, of course — and will disappear just seconds after being received and viewed.

At the end of the conversation, the buyer will be interviewed by Walker Art Center to share an account of the experience, which will then be published as a non-visual documentation of the artwork.

The idea was appealing to at least three buyers, as the piece has already sold out.

Image credits: Header graphic created with photo by BurnAway, product photo by the Walker Shop