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Fine Art Photography Exhibition Features Portraits of LEGO Figurines


Vesa Lehtimaki, Shelly Corbett, and Boris Vanrillaer are three photographs living in three different places (Helsinki, Seattle, and Stockholm, respectively) who share a common photography interest: fine art photos of LEGO figurines. Their passion for LEGOography, as it’s known, led them to band together to form a collective known as Stuck In Plastic. In addition to sharing their work online, they’ve also begun to hold real life fine art photo exhibitions.

All three photographers started out by sharing their images through Instagram and other social networks. Their Instagram accounts (@avanaut, @xxsjc, and @_me2_, respectively) currently boast between 3,000 and 5,000 followers each.

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The trio’s latest project is a fine art photo exhibition at the Bryan Ohno Gallery in Seattle, titled “In LEGO, We Connect.”

Local NBC news station KING5 aired the short segment at the top of this post, and writes that the exhibition “may be the world’s first-ever fine art photography show where the subjects are LEGO minifigures.”