NYPD Looking for Two Middle Eastern Guys Spotted Photographing Synagogues

Is this a case of sensible anti-terrorism measures or racial profiling and an inappropriate suspicion of photography? Police in New York are currently looking for two men of Middle Eastern descent who were spotted taking pictures in front of multiple Jewish synagogues in Brooklyn.

Here’s surveillance video of one of the incidents:

“What are they doing? What else have they been? And what do they have in mind?” city councilman David Greenfield tells CBS New York. Another woman from the community reportedly saw a similar situation of men taking pictures of two other synagogues.

“If they didn’t do anything wrong, no bad intentions, just come forward and we can put this behind us, but we live in a period of time where unfortunately terrible things happen by those who want to murder innocent Americans, or target Jews, so we need to take these things seriously,” Assemblyman Dov Hikin tells 1010 WINS.

There is one fact that is more suspicious than taking pictures in public, though: CBS New York reports that the “men were in a blue Honda with out-of-state plates that police say were expired and possibly swapped from another vehicle.”

(via CBS New York via Reddit)