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Muslim Cleric Warns Against Selfies, Saying They Lead to Different Sins



A popular Muslim cleric from Earth’s most populous Muslim country is causing quite a stir due to public comments about the sinfulness of selfies. Felix Siauw of Indonesia warned his nearly 1.2 million followers on Twitter against the practice, saying that it opens the door to a multitude of sins.

First noticed by Coconuts Jakarta, the message came in the form of seventeen notes Siauw posted to his personal Twitter account. Siauw recommended that young people avoid taking selfies, and then put forward a number of arguments as to why. Here are a few of them alongside translations by Coconuts Jakarta:

If we take a selfie, sift through and choose our best pose, and then we’re awed and impressed by our selves – worryingly, that’s called PRIDE

If we take a selfie and upload it on social media, desperately hoping for view, likes, comments or whatever – we’ve fallen into the OSTENTATIOUS trap

If we take a selfie and we feel cooler and better than others – we’ve fallen into the worst sin of all, ARROGANCE

He then pointed the finger specifically at Muslim women who snap selfies, saying:

These days many Muslim women take selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with facial poses that are just – My Goodness – where’s the purity in women?

Siauw’s arguments against selfies didn’t sit well with selfie lovers in Indonesia. People responded by posting a torrent of selfies to social networks with the tag #Selfie4Siauw, causing it to become a trending topic in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Back in September 2013, India’s leading Islamic seminary sparked some controversy of its own after reportedly calling photography “unlawful and a sin.” The institution later clarified its stance, saying that it simply issues “religious advice” for people’s “personal use”.

(via Quartz)

Image credits: Selfie header photo by John Ragai