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Piccolo is an Automatic Printing Service That Prints the Photos You Share Most



Photo printing services are popping up all the time these days. This makes sense: as the number of photos we take increase exponentially, more and more companies are attempting to save them from falling unnoticed into digital oblivion.

One such company is Piccolo, a small two-employee start-up with an interesting premise: the photos you make an effort to share are the ones worth printing. And it’s around this premise that Piccolo has built its fully-automatic service.

Co-founded by Nicholas Hall and Kate Oppenheim, Piccolo is a subscription service that automatically detects the photos you choose to share through Facebook and Instagram, selects the most popular of those, prints them at a professional lab, and sends them to yours and any other address you would like.


Users get to select from three separate plans dubbed mini, mezzo and max for $10, $15, or $20 per month (Note: that’s if you sign up for the year; month-to-month plans run $12, $18 and $24, respectively). The mini plan will deposit 20 prints on your doorstep at the end of the month, the mezzo plan 40, and the max plan 60.

Once you link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, the service suggests which plan you should go with. If you pick the mezzo plan but end up with 47 photos shared at the end of the month, Piccolo will simply pick the 40 most popular and go from there. At the end of each month, you’ll receive an e-mail with the selected photos for you to approve, and your archival quality prints will arrive shortly thereafter.

You can learn more about the automatic service by heading over to its website here. Although there are cheaper printing alternatives out there, Hall and Oppenheim are confident that the level of sheer convenience offered by Piccolo will make it a go-to for those people who still want physical prints.

(via TechCrunch)