Go Behind the Scenes at the Largest Pro Photo Lab in the United States

Miller’s Professional Imaging is the largest professional photo lab in the United States, with facilities in Pittsburg, Kansas and Columbia, Missouri that offer a slew of printing services for hobbyists, semi-pro and professional photographers alike. In the above video, Chris Marquardt of Photography Tips from the Top Floor treats us to a behind the scenes look at the company’s 40,000 square-foot facility in Columbia, MO.

Miller’s Professional Imaging began humbly enough in 1964 above portrait and wedding photographer Bill Miller’s studio in Pittsburg, KS. When demand made it necessary that he expand in 1968, Miller built a 3,900 square-foot facility. That facility has since grown to over 127,000 square-feet in size, in addition to the state-of-the-art 40,000 square-foot facility in Columbia, MO that we get to tour in the video.


The tour hits all the major printing and cutting highlights at the Missouri facility, showing off the expensive machines that produce everything from high-quality layflat photo-books to post cards — we even get to see how the company gilds books.

For those of you not interested in the behind the scenes aspects of putting photo products together, you probably won’t want to spend 27 minutes touring the facility. But if you’d like to see the people behind the products that you or your clients order, we hope you’ll click play at the top and enjoy.

(via Reddit)