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Nat Geo Photographer on Storytelling and Striving for Authenticity

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National Geographic’s Stephen Alvarez is part photographer, part filmmaker and part explorer. That triad makes his photography great because while some photographers take pictures, Alvarez has learned to tell stories — and as the years have gone by and his gear has improved, his stories have continued to get more compelling.

In this short video, Alvarez talks about some of his best work, revealing little behind the scenes tidbits while simultaneously sharing his motivation and drive.


Explaining his style, Alvarez says that his strength lies in always striving for authenticity:

My strength is getting into a real situation and making a photograph of it … In all my photographs I strive for authenticity, whether it’s exploration in the magazine or a photograph for a client, I want the picture to be as real as possible.

Alvarez has photographed everything from massive panoramic cityscapes to pitch black underground caverns, and each photo (or rather story) he shares exemplifies his skill and dedication to his craft. Hit play at the top to see for yourself and/or click here to head over to his website and check out more of his work.

(via PictureCorrect)

1 Comment