Picturelife Lets You Backup Your Photos in the Cloud and Access Them Anywhere


Storage and backup solutions are increasingly moving to the cloud, and in keeping with the photography mantra to always “backup, backup and backup again!” new kid on the block Picturelife is offering a cloud-based solution to your picture storage and syncing needs.

Created by OMGPOP founder Charles Forman, Picturelife gives photographers the option to add a cloud component to their backup scheme. But far from being just a simple online hard drive, Picturelife offers a lot more in way of features.


The app is available on Mac, Windows and iOS, and will automatically sync uploads in one place, organize them into a timeline, discard duplicates, and allow you to access all of your photos from any device, any time.

Additionally, users can also import photos from third party sites such as Facebook and Instagram. And once all of your photos are uploaded and immediately accessible, you can share the stream with whomever you choose.


The company just raised another $4M in funding (largely from the same people who invested in OMGPOP) and is poised to continue expanding. You can get more details on the service by heading over to the Picturelife website, but if you’re interested you can try out the service entirely free based on the freemium model the company is currently running.

A free account will get you 5GB of storage, with a 100GB Premium plan costing $7/month or $70/year, and a 300GB Premium Plus plan running $15/month or $150/year.