Cute Photographs of a Backyard Squirrel Doing Human Things

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Nancy Rose is a guidance counselor who lives on Canada’s east coast. When she’s not meeting up with people who need counseling, Rose enjoys spending time with a very special group of furry friends: squirrels that call Rose’s backyard their home.

In recent times, one particularly dear friend and photo subject has been Mr. Peanuts, a friendly squirrel that lives to the left of Rose’s yard, on a neighbor’s land. Rose has Mr. Peanuts pose for all kinds of cute scenes by creating scenes with tiny props, and then convincing the little guy to pose using peanuts.

Rose says that after laying out her props, the squirrel will often examine them and inspect the environment in search of food. With some patience and plenty of shots, Rose usually ends up with a handful that she likes.

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Mr. Peanuts is a regular portrait subject for Rose, but the little guy is an aspiring photographer himself:

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Here’s Rose and Mr. Peanuts taking a break from their photo making:

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You can order a calendar of these photographs by emailing Rose directly. The images are also available for purchase through Getty Images.

Rose’s entire collection of squirrel photographs is available for your enjoyment through this Flickr set.

Squirrels by Nancy Rose (via EGoA)

Image credits: Photographs by Nancy Rose and used with permission