Turn Your Instagram Photographs Into a Beautiful Tear-Off Calendar

Last year, we wrote about Poladarium, a tear-off calendar that inspires you with a new Polaroid picture every day. Now, for roughly the same price, you can create one that features your own photographs. Instagram printing company Printstagram has launched a new calendar product that allows you to turn your Instagram photo stream into a beautiful stack of 365 8.5x7cm “Polaroid” pictures.

The calendar features a different photo of yours every day, with each one printed on thick-ish paper. You can use each day’s photos as decoration, notecards, or a fun gift that’ll brighten someone’s day.

The calendar is available in three designs: large date, small date, and no date. The “no date” version is pretty much just a stack of 365 Polaroid-style prints, in case you want to print out your images as a giant batch.

Creating them is done through an easy-to-use online photo selector. Finished calendars are delivered to you in an elegant white box with a hinged lid — great for if you would like to give it away as a gift (the holiday season is right around the corner).

Prinstagram Calendars cost $40 a pop and can be purchased here.