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Instagram Horoscope Reveals What Your Favorite Retro Filter Says About You


What does your choice of Instagram filter say about your character and personality? Check out the Instagram Horoscope to find out. Marco Kaye and Sloan Schang over at the publishing house McSweeney’s came up with a humorous list of interpretations. Here’s a sampling:

Kelvin: Kelvins are intense. Seriously, who has the time to scroll that far to the right? You are a fierce competitor who believes it is possible to “win Instagram” by log-jamming people’s feeds with dozens of pictures at a clip. A mid-life heart attack is of concern.

X-pro II: If you have a chance to buy an El Camino, do so.

Walden: You’re quiet, charming, elusive, and emotionally transgendered. Stop posting inspiring quotes. Only celebrities can do that. The sensitive and athletic Sierra makes an ideal mate as you both enjoy road trip photographs taken in the side view mirror.

If you’re an Instagrammer, give it a look, and let us know how accurately it described you.

Your Instagram Horoscope [McSweeneys via Coudal]

Image credit: Horoscope by Cali4beach