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Professional Photogs Find a New Niche as Vacation Photographers


It’s true that many (if not most) people these days think that a smartphone plus a decent camera app equals enough equipment to create great photography. Sure, they’ll hire a professional to do their wedding, but when it comes to less momentous occasions — like that trip to the Caribbean — they tend to take the photographic reins in their own hands. According to The Wall Street Journal, however, more and more people are deciding to hand the vacation reins over to a professional photog.

Apparently, many hotels and resorts at major vacation destinations have started putting photographers on their payroll, offering photography packages so that people can stop worrying about getting that Instagam shot just right, and start enjoying their stay. The idea is that people want to share high quality shots with their friends on Facebook without having to think about things like composition, exposure and depth of field — and the rising demand for these services show that it’s not entirely off the mark.

As you would imagine the packages can get pretty extravagant, from a few hundred for a one-hour pro family shoot at Epcot before the doors open to the public, to 7-day resort packages in Bora Bora for over $10,000. And while some people may see it as ridiculous to hire a professional to take your vacation shots, photographers who find the need for their services dwindling could certainly use the fresh demand.

(via Popular Photography)

Image credit: “Endless love” by [Filhi][bahthi] photography ( with great hopes )