48 Frames: A Creative Monthly Video Diary Project

We’ve featured more ambitious projects before — you may remember Cesar Kuriyama’s video which consisted of 1 second of footage per day for an entire year — but YouTube user grapefrugten‘s take on documenting life in short snippets involves a slightly different approach. He releases a monthly video diary, entitled 48 frames, which consists of 2 seconds of video per day (24fps X 2sec = 48 frames).

Since his first post in February his videos have begun to grow in popularity, and the May entry (embedded above) reached 11,000 views in one day. More than his specific Facebook page/YouTube channel, however, we just love the idea: document your daily life in 48 frames or less. If nothing else it’s a creative, artsy way to keep an eye on the passage of time, and identify those moments (those 48 frames) that make each day unique.

48 frames: May 2012 [YouTube]