Liquid Rose Shot with Food Coloring

Photographer Anthony Chang created this amazing image of a liquid rose without any computer-generated trickery. He hung a glass rose upside down and snapped photos while pouring food coloring onto it.

This photo is a composite… If you couldn’t guess. The green stem and leaves are made up of 6 photos and the flower itself is made up of 11 different photos, so its a 17 shot composite. Another note to mention is the fact that this photo was taken upside down and I just rotated it so the water looks like its flying upwards. Well this was a fun and messy shoot, also an expensive one hahaha what with the $80 glass rose, I was pretty worried that it would fall and break on me during the shoot but luckily it didn’t.

Here’s a photo showing what his setup looked like.

Image credit: 317/365 A Splash of Rose [Explore] by Yugus and used with permission