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How Four Men with a Point-and-Shoot are Scooping Big News Outlets


The Guardian has published a piece on how a four-man news operation called Sangat TV has stolen the headlines from big news outlets during the England riots, armed with just a “point-and-shoot camera”:

At times erratic and unpredictable, Sangat TV is still captivating. Its most jaw-dropping moment was on Tuesday night, while it filmed from a car a police pursuit of young rioters down a Birmingham backstreet. With police lagging far behind, Sangat presenter Upinder Randhawa shouted to the officers: “Do you need a lift? We’ll give you a lift. Get in the car.”

Twenty seconds later the rioters were arrested. “Another live Sangat TV exclusive”, Randhawa told his audience.

Talk about Gonzo journalism… Their unique footage has been rebroadcast by CNN, the BCC, and news outlets in India.

Birmingham riots: how Sangat TV is scooping the big networks [The Guardian]